A New Year

On Sunday January 13, a number of Greg Duncan’s family members and friends braved the snow-filled roads and gathered in Atlanta at the Shelterhouse to commemorate and celebrate his life.  The Atlanta Music Hall Band played a few of his favorite selections and the vocalist sang another of Greg’s favorites, The Green, Green Grass Of Home.  Mike Moran shared a number of memories and provided a eulogy.   Several others related good memories of Greg, often quite comical as a result of his great sense of humor and quick wit.

So life and time marches on, and it’s a good thing to capture the special times and moments by living in the present, while at the same time remembering the past and those who have left – Gerald, Greg, Jim, Jeff, Ruth, Charlie – just to name some of the Band members, and countless other friends in the audience.

Through Roberta’s generosity and the willingness of the Band members the weekly shows will continue on each Saturday Night at 7PM, although the snowstorms have played havoc recently.  Come and be a part of a decades-long tradition and genuine Indiana history.




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