Bringing You Up To Date

It has been a long time since this document has been updated, and a lot has taken place at the Atlanta Music Hall.  In December of 2017, we lost our good buddy and the founder of this Band, Gerald “Catfish” Terry.  In 1986 Gerald and Roberta opened the Hall as a place for friends to get together and play music and it has been going strong for over thirty-two years.   After Gerald’s passing Roberta generously decided to keep the Hall going in it’s present format, with the Saturday Night shows, in order to keep the good times going and because she knew Gerald would have wanted that, too.

In November of this year (2018) we lost our long-time piano player, Greg Duncan.  Greg had been struggling with some health issues for a long time and it finally became too much.  A celebration of life memorial service is planned for him on January 13 from 2P to 5P at the Atlanta Shelterhouse.

Both Gerald and Greg played in the weekly shows at the Hall right up until their last days.  Music was truly in their hearts and we miss them both a lot.

The Band is continuing on with the Saturday Night shows with a new face at the piano, Daniel Hicks.  Daniel is from the Indianapolis area and is a welcome addition to our Band, which is now a quintet.  Other members are Steve Newby on guitar, Greg Gegogeine on bass, and John Newby on saxophones and clarinet.  When Daniel is not available, Hope Newby (Blondie) does an excellent job at the keyboard.  The drummer rotates each week, based on the availability of the personnel who enjoy playing in the Band, currently they are Chris Davis, John Schilk, Monty Ewing, and Aaron Lindburg with occasional performances by Dave Hampton, Phillip Newby, and Jonathon Newby.



Hot time in the summer

Summer of 2016 is turning out to be hot, especially at the Hall.  Although pushing 30 years of live performances (that’s nearly 1,500!!) the musicians show no sign of letting up.  Every show is a new program – true story!  There has never been a duplicate song list played, every week is a brand new list.  And since the Band has more than 750 songs, chances are each visitor will hear at least one new song every Saturday night.

Since the passing of Jeff Phillips, long time drummer for the Band, a guest drummer is now featured every Saturday night.  Current personnel for the drums are Chris Davis, Tom Kontos,  Dave Hampton, John Shilk, Aaron Lindburg, and Phillip Newby.  Each drummer has their own unique style, keeping the musical performance interesting, and never boring.

Be sure to mark you calendars for a couple of dates in August –on August 7 the Band will be playing in the Gazebo, weather permitting, at Red Bridge Park in Cicero beginning at 6PM.  Bring your lawn chairs.  Also, on August 27, the Band will be performing at the annual Atlanta Street Dance, held right in front of the Hall.  Pie and ice cream fundraiser at 6PM, the downbeat for the show will be at 7PM.  Also bring your lawn chairs to this.